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  • Grumpy Cat

                    Over the Christmas holidays I received a Grumpy Cat desk calendar. Grumpy Cat is a popular internet figure celebrated for her frowny face and angry eyes. She made her […]

  • helping the church

    Helping the Church Get to Heaven

    In this lesson, we will discuss several practical things that we can do to help one another get to heaven. The objective of this lesson is that each would examine his own life to see if there is more that he/she may do to serve the Lord and help one another get to heaven.

  • What is love?

    “Can He Depend on You?”

    Can Jesus depend upon us as his servants? Can he depend upon us to 1) Help the needy? 2) Live for Him? 3) Teach the Gospel? Each should know their responsibilities as Christians to help the poor, live in a Christian way, and teach others the gospel. In this lesson, I hope that each would understand that while God does not depend upon us in an existential sense, he does depend upon us, by his choice, to do what he commands us to do.

  • friend

    Being a Friend of God

    In this lesson, we will look at what it means to be a friend of God. One is God's friend when he 1) Loves God with all his heart, soul, and mind, 2) Does what God wants him to do simply because God has asked us to do it, 3) Tells others about what a great friend God is. Each hearer should be able to understand what it takes to be a friend of God. I want everyone to be motivated to make God their friend.

  • The Nature of Biblical Edification (Part 1)

    However, when I looked into an English dictionary, I found the following definition. “Edify: enlighten, to improve the morals or knowledge of somebody.” Another dictionary said this. “Edify: to instruct or improve spiritually.” Does this surprise you? Do you think of being instructed as edification? Do you think of gaining new knowledge when you are edified?