Family and Faithfulness

familiesMaintaining a Christian family is a task that grows more difficult each year as the prevailing culture within our country seeks to undermine Christian values. These cultural influences erode the biblical foundation of families within the churches of Christ by convincing youth that Bible teachings are no longer relevant to daily life. Many youths, who have been faithful in attendance to both Bible classes and worship during elementary school, attend sporadically during middle school, and end up ceasing attendance altogether during high school. The common element for this trend is a demonstrable lack of faith by parents.  At the end of 2018, the elders of the New Boston Church of Christ asked the pulpit preacher, Kevin Cauley, to focus on the topic of “Family and Faithfulness” to address these issues and to fortify families against such departures. This series of lessons is designed to explore the roots of faithfulness in order to equip families against the assaults brought by contemporary culture. We pray that God will strengthen our families to be faithful to Him, and to preserve His church in our communities.

– Kevin Cauley