Sermons by Jim Patterson

Jim Patterson serves as the secretary for the New Boston church of Christ, but he is also a capable preacher in his own right. He is a 1995 graduate of Houston College of the Bible. Jim fills the pulpit from time to time, teaches Bible class, and also leads singing for us regularly.

Title Date AM/PM
Bible Change of Heart November 26th, 2023 AM
Illegitimate Motives July 2nd, 2023 PM
Yes, For Me, For Me He Careth June 18th, 2023 PM
God Helps Those Who Help Themselves June 11th, 2023 AM
God Makes it Rain March 12th, 2023 PM
Do Not Be a Busy Body March 12th, 2023 AM
Be a Good Minister February 12th, 2023 PM
“O Spread the Tidings Round” February 12th, 2023 AM
Luke Chapter Five December 25th, 2022 PM
Evangelistic or Insulated, Leaven or Flat December 25th, 2022 AM
Where Could I Go? December 18th, 2022 PM
Jesus Is Our Savior December 18th, 2022 AM
Who Will Go to Heaven? November 20th, 2022 AM
I’ll Live in Glory October 30th, 2022 AM
Search the Scriptures (Part 2) July 24th, 2022 PM
The Invitation July 24th, 2022 AM
Search the Scriptures (Part 1) July 17th, 2022 PM
Authority of the Transfiguration July 17th, 2022 AM
Seeking God June 3rd, 2022 PM
God’s Judgments May 29th, 2022 PM
Responsibilities to God in a Sinful Nation March 28th, 2022 PM
Unity in Diversity January 9th, 2022 AM
Remember Jesus December 26th, 2021 AM
Joy and Anticipation of Victory November 28th, 2021 PM
The Writing on the Wall July 11th, 2021 AM
Review of First Thessalonians July 4th, 2021 PM
Five Principles of Eternal Importance May 16th, 2021 PM
The Power of God’s Word May 16th, 2021 AM
All About Christ February 7th, 2021 AM
Why Keep Jesus Waiting December 27th, 2020 PM
God Cares for Man December 22nd, 2019 AM
A Wonderful Savior December 22nd, 2019 PM
A Word Fitly Spoken September 29th, 2019 AM
Simplicity November 18th, 2018 PM
Our Lively Hope July 8th, 2018 PM
Beloved Ones July 8th, 2018 AM