Guest Preachers and Speakers

From time to time we have guest preachers and speakers come to visit our congregation and fill our pulpit. Some of these men are from out of town. Others are from among us. This page is designed to bring together all of these resources in one place so that you may listen to the lessons they have presented.

Sermons by Jim Patterson

Sermons by Jimmy Smith

Sermons by Scott Hobson

Sermons by Robert Rochelle

Title Date AM/PM
How Can We Last Another Fifty Years? March 17th, 2024 PM

Sermons by Jim Corner

Title Date AM/PM
Advancing the Gospel January 28th, 2024 AM

Sermons by Edward Cauley

Title Date AM/PM
I Can Do All Things October 29th, 2023 PM

Sermons by Bobby Liddell

Title Date AM/PM
Report on the Memphis School of Preaching July 4th, 2021 AM
Obedience November 10th, 2019 AM
Come to Jesus November 11th, 2018 AM
Isaiah 6 and Holiness October 8th, 2018 AM

Sermons by Andrew Patterson

Title Date AM/PM
Responding Correctly to Sin January 31st, 2021 PM

Sermons by Blake Tyndell

Title Date AM/PM
Commands and Accounts of Conversion June 11th, 2023 PM
Hiding from God October 31st, 2021 PM
Temptation October 10th, 2017 PM

Sermons by Eddie Cloer

Title Date AM/PM
I Am the Resurrection and the Life March 4th, 2015 AM
Why Study the Bible March 1st, 2016 AM
What is God’s Greatest Gift Today? February 3rd, 2017 AM
Assurance in Salvation February 14th, 2018 AM
2018 Truth for Today Mission Report February 14th, 2018 AM
2022 Truth for Today Mission Report August 21st, 2022 AM
Will God Run? August 21st, 2022 AM
A Divinely Approved Complete Marriage September 3rd, 2023 AM

Sermons by Roy Johnson

Title Date AM/PM
Here Am I! Send Me! September 5th, 2021 AM

Sermons by Michael Raney

Title Date AM/PM
The Meekness and Gentleness of Christ March 28th, 2022 AM
Why Are You A Member of the Church of Christ? December 26th, 2021 PM
Lessons from the Parable of the Prodigal Son October 31st, 2021 AM

Sermons by David Ballard

Title Date AM/PM
Report on Preaching School in Camaroon, Africa August 21st, 2022 PM

Sermons by Aaron Anderson

Title Date AM/PM
Report on Home for Restoration and Recovery October 30th, 2022 PM

Sermons by John David Thomas

Title Date AM/PM
How to Become a Better Person July 9th, 2023 PM
How to Keep Worry Out of Our Lives April 30th, 2023 PM