2021 Fall Gospel Meeting – The Triumph of Truth with Mike Bonner

With misinformation and deceit filling our digital devices on a daily basis, who knows what to believe anymore? Does truth even have a place in society? Do we live in a post-truth culture? The Triumph of Truth is an opportunity to learn that God has spoken His eternal truth through the Bible. October 3-6, brother Mike Bonner of San Angelo, Texas (pictured to the right) presented the following messages from God’s Holy Word to help us understand God’s will for our lives. You may listen to the audio of these messages below. At the bottom of this page is a link to our YouTube channel where you may watch the lessons in a playlist.

Sunday Morning Bible Class at 9:00 AM – “The Meaning of Truth”

Sunday Morning Worship at 10:00 AM – “The Fundamentals of Truth”

Sunday Evening Worship at 6:00 PM – “The Authenticity of Truth”

Monday Evening Worship at 7:00 PM – “Enlarge Our Jurisdiction FOR Truth”

Tuesday Evening Worship at 7:00 PM – “The Truth that Justifies”

Wednesday Evening Worship at 7:00 PM – “The Eternal Promises of Truth”

If you would like to watch the videos from this gospel meeting series, they are available in a playlist below. Just click on the upper right corner of the video where it says “1/5” to select the day and topic. Due to technical problems, the video from Bible class is not available, but you may listen to it in the recordings above.