Taking the Gospel to the Whole World

Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).  Sometimes we look at this statement and think that it is such a big task.  There are eight billion people in the world!  How can we accomplish this?  One way that we can take the gospel to the world is through the Internet.  The Internet is worldwide, and countries from all over the world can see information that is published on the Internet.  I am happy to announce that in the month of August, our Internet visits increased dramatically thanks to the help of one of my friends who has been working with the Internet for decades.  We had visits from forty-seven (47) different countries.  Some of the notable ones are: Ghana, the Philippines, India, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Panama, Ethiopia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Mozambique, and Australia.  In fact, we had visitors from every single continent of the world.  It would be very difficult to get into some of these countries and preach the gospel personally.  However, through the Internet, we are able to get access.  The total number of page-views that we had for the month of August was 1,689 from 535 different visitors.  Our web site is growing, and it is another one of our good works here at the New Boston Church of Christ.  Please pray that this good work will continue to grow, and that people around the world will have access to the gospel.  God bless you and I love you!