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  • paradise

    Paradise Reclaimed

    Revelation 22 pictures paradise reclaimed and offers a path to it. In this chapter we find 1) A Reward for the Faithful 2) A Watch for the Living, 3) A Warning for the Wicked. The hearer should understand that God is working to restore us to His original plan and we must obey him to get there.

  • New Jerusalem

    New Jerusalem – The Bride, The Lamb’s Wife

    In Revelation 21, we see how the righteous live forever in the city of New Jerusalem. We see 1) The Coming of the City, 2) The Composition of the City, 3) The Consecration of the City. Each hearer should understand that the New Jerusalem is a spiritual city that will be eternally inhabited by the righteous. It is my aim to impress upon each person that this city is the people of God.

  • love of christ

    The Eternal Reign of the Messiah – Psalm 2

    In Psalm 2 we see the eternal reign of the Messiah: 1) The Enemies of the Messiah 2) The Establishment of the Messiah, 3) The Edict of the Messiah, 4) The Ends of the Messiah. The hearer will understand that Psalm 2 prophecies about the eternal reign of the Messiah. Opposition to God’s plans will not succeed but only result in failure and wrath from God.

  • Is Peter the Rock in Matthew 16:18?

    The word for “Peter” in this verse is the Greek word petros which means a pebble. Jesus goes on to say that upon this rock, petra, he would build his church. The Greek word petra means a large rock such as the ridge of a mountain or the ledge of a cliff. In other words, Jesus is saying, “Peter, you are a tiny pebble, but I am going to build my church on a great big mountain ridge.” What is the giant rock that Jesus would build His church upon? It is nothing else but the confession of Peter that Jesus is the Son of God. Christ is the rock!

  • fear god

    Who is God?

    In this lesson, we will look at the identity of God as revealed in scripture. He is 1) The Eternal One, 2) The Creator, 3) The Redeemer. Each should understand who God is in relationship to the creation and our salvation and to impress upon each one the sovereignty and divinity of God.

  • ownership

    Taking Ownership of our Family’s Faithfulness

    To take ownership of my family’s faithfulness I must 1) Comprehend the contrast between the spiritual and the carnal. 2) Consistently cultivate the spiritual and cast out the carnal. 3) Care that my children copy my behavior. 4) Consider that it is never too late to change. In this lesson, I hope that each person will understand the responsibility that God has given parents to take ownership of their family. It is the aim of this lesson and series to keep our families faithful to the Lord.

  • How to Have Peace in Your Life

    The Christian can truly have personal peace in his life by following some practical instructions from scripture. Each hearer should know how to have personal peace in his life. This lesson brings scripture to bear on some practical ways to have personal peace.

  • Fighting Discontentment

    Discontentment is a lack of faith. In 1 Timothy 6:17 Paul writes, “Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty, nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy.” God is the greatest giver and He gives richly all things to enjoy; let’s be content with Him.

  • world

    Why Did Jesus Die on the Cross? Because God So Loved the World

    Jesus died on the cross because God loved the world enough to sacrifice His own Son for the world’s salvation. Each listener should be able to explain how God’s love motivated Him to sacrifice His Son, Jesus. Jesus died on the cross because 1) God is a God of Love, 2) The World Needed True Love, 3) The Son Demonstrated that Love. I hope that the listener would understand God’s motives in sending His Son to die on the cross.

  • transformation

    Transforming to the Image of Christ

    In this sermon, we will note that being a Christian requires a person to change his life. How do we do this? We must recognize: 1) Everyone Has Problems, 2) Our Past Does Not Define Us, 3) Winning Requires Effort, and 4) Transformation Takes Time. The hearer should be motivated to make changes in his or her life and to help others make changes in their lives as needed.

  • New Year

    On New Year’s Eve

    On New Year’s Eve I will 1) Forget the things that are behind, 2) Reach forward to the things that are ahead, and 3) Press toward the goal. Each listener should be resolved to leave things in the past that need to stay in the past, remember what is important for the future, and seek to finish their race.

  • authority

    Jesus is God: A Study of Hebrews Chapter One

    In Hebrews 1 we learn that Jesus is God due to His 1) Authority as God, 2) Identity as God, 3) Relationship to the Creation as God, 4) Superiority over the angels as God. We want to understand that because Jesus is God, he can be the perfect high priestly mediator between God and man. The aim of this lesson is to understand who Jesus really is in relationship to all things.

  • envy

    Envy – The Green-Eyed Monster

    In this lesson we will study the topic of envy through the story of Israel’s desiring a king and Saul’s envy of David. Each person should understand how envy progresses: It begins with comparisons, distorts reality, and destroys its victims. I hope to impress upon each listener the truly diabolical nature of envy.