Introduction to First Corinthians – God’s Wisdom or Man’s Wisdom?

First CorinthiansTITLE: Introduction to First Corinthians – Man’s Wisdom or God’s Wisdom

SUBJECT: First Corinthians

PROPOSITION: The book of First Corinthians contrasts the wisdom of men with the wisdom of God on the following topics: 1) Unity vs. Division, 2) Morality vs. Immorality, 3) God’s Glory vs. Idolatry, 4) Orderliness vs. Disorderliness, 5) Resurrection vs. No Resurrection.

OBJECTIVE: Each listener should understand that God’s wisdom is greater than man’s wisdom and desire to follow God’s wisdom.


1. Read: 1 Corinthians 1:25-31

2. About the Text:

1) There were big problems in the church at Corinth.

2) It all came from the fact that they put man’s wisdom above God’s wisdom.

3) What does man’s wisdom bring?

4) What does God’s wisdom bring?

5) Let’s review First Corinthians and see.

3. Ref. to S, T, P, O, and A.


I.   God’s Wisdom Brings Unity; Man’s Wisdom Brings Division.

1. This is chapter 1-4.

2. Read 1 Corinthians 1:10-12.

3. Unity comes from inspiration of God – Chapter 2:10-12.

4. Unity comes from building the church – Chapter 3:9-11.

5. Unity comes from receiving correction – Chapter 4:18-21.

II.  God’s Wisdom Brings Morality; Man’s Wisdom Brings Immorality

1. Discipline the immoral – Chapter 5:11.

2. Handle disagreements outside the public eye – Chapter 6:1-8.

3. Fornication is immoral – Chapter 6:9-20. Vs.18.

4. Marriage prevents fornication – Chapter 7:2-4.

III. God’s Wisdom Brings Glory to God; Man’s Wisdom Brings Pride and Idolatry

1. Idols are nothing, but don’t offend the weak – Chapter 8:4 ,13.

2. Paul’s charge is to preach the gospel – Chapter 9:16.

3. Don’t be like ancient Israel, Flee Idolatry – Chapter 10:6-7.

4. Understand Who is in Authority – Chapter 11:1-12. Vs.3.

5. Observe the Lord’s Supper in Unity – Chapter 11:13-33. Vs.33.

IV.  God’s Wisdom Brings Orderly Conduct; Man’s Wisdom Brings Disorderly Conduct.

1. Orderly Conduct builds the body of Christ by recognizing everyone’s contribution (12:12).

2. Orderly Conduct pursues loving behavior (13:4-8).

3. Be silent if you cannot behave in an orderly way with tongues (14:28, 40).

V.   God’s Wisdom Brings the Resurrection; Man’s Wisdom Brings Hoplessness.

1. The Resurrection is central to the gospel (15:1-4).

2. The Resurrected Life acknowledges other people (16:15-16).


1. First Corinthians is about God’s wisdom vs. Man’s Wisdom.

1) Unity vs. Division

2) Morality vs. Immorality

3) Glory to God vs. Pride of Men

4) Order vs. Disorder

5) Resurrection vs. Hopelessness

2. Invitation