A Crisis of Holiness

Some people can’t find it within themselves to “live peaceably with all men” (Romans 12:18). Why is it that they seem to make an issue out of every little thing? The answer is that they lack holiness.

Holy living is not just being a moral person: one who doesn’t commit fornication, drink booze, gamble away money, take advantage of other people, lie, cheat, steal, etc. Holiness certainly avoids these things, but that is not all it is. Holiness means that one is set apart from the world and its ways. This includes not only immoral behavior, but also worldly attitudes. Unfortunately, some glory in their “moral” behavior, but their attitudes are wholly corrupted by the world. The Pharisee who prayed with himself is in this category (Luke 18:9-14).

Let me paint a picture of someone who has a crisis of holiness. This person gets involved in every little scandal. She always seems to be in a panic. He relishes the latest gossip. She is constantly portraying matters in an extreme way to get others sucked into her mind-set. He can’t let go of matters that have long since been resolved. She is neurotic and always feels like something is going on that she isn’t involved with. He is paranoid and constantly worried about what others may be saying about him. Lack of holiness is why it is a sin to be a busybody (1 Peter 4:15), gossip (2 Thessalonians 3:11), talk idly (Matthew 12:36), be fearful (Revelation 21:8), disobey authority (Jude 8), be envious (Galatians 5:26), and suchlike. These actions are all unholy because the person doing them can’t separate him or herself from the world. Moreover, they lead to one engaging in the immoral behavior listed above. May God help us to be holy both in morality, and in attitude.

God bless you, and I love you.

Kevin Cauley