The Importance of Communion to the Child of God

CommunionTITLE: The Importance of Communion to the Child of God

SUBJECT: Worship

PROPOSITION: Why is communion important? It is a 1) Declaration of Faith, 2) Demonstration of Fellowship, 3) Deliberation of Forgiveness.

OBJECTIVE: The listener should understand the importance of communion in relationship to Christ, others, and himself.


1. Read: 1 Cor.11:23-32

2. About the Text:

1) The church at Corinth had reduced the importance of the Lord’s Supper.

2) They had basically turned it into a common meal.

3) They were divided because they were not caring for each other at all.

4) Why is the Lord’s Supper important?

5) Why should we observe the Lord’s Supper?

6) Let’s look at a few reasons.

3. Ref. to S, T, P, O, and A.

DISCUSSION: The Lord’s Supper, or communion, is important to the child of God because …

I.   It is a Declaration of Faith in Christ.

1. We proclaim the Lord’s death.

1) “For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes” (1 Cor.11:26).

2) The bread is the body of Jesus (1 Cor.11:24).

3) This is Jesus’ body that God gave Him for sacrifice (Hebrews 10:5).

4) The fruit of the vine is the blood of Jesus (1 Cor.11:25).

5) This is the blood of the New Covenant that Jesus shed on the cross (Matthew 26:28).

2. We memorialize Jesus and His sacrifice.

1) We do this in remembrance of Him.

2) We remember that Jesus died for our sins (1 Cor.15:3).

3) We remember who Jesus was (Phil.2:5ff).

4) We remember that we live for Him today – “and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again” (2 Cor.5:15).

3. We remember the love of God and Christ.

1) John 3:16

2) John 15:13 – “Great love has no man than this….”

4. Communion is important because Jesus is important.

II.  Demonstration of Fellowship with One Another

1. We take communion together to show our fellowship with one another.

1) Fellowship is sharing with one another and caring for one another.

2) Read 1 Corinthians 11:17-22 – They were not fellowshipping with each other.

3) The taking of the bread and fruit of the vine means we are communing.

a. With Christ

b. With one another.

4) “The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ? For we, though many, are one bread and one body; for we all partake of that one bread” (1 Cor.10:16-17).

2. We take communion to remind us of the value of our fellow Christian.

1) By taking the bread and fruit of the vine we are declaring each other’s worth and value.

2) We value one another as God values us.

3) 1 Peter 1:18-19 – We were redeemed with the blood of Christ.

4) “For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s” – (1 Cor.6:20).

3. When we take the Lord’s Supper we are making a commitment to our fellow Christian.

1) I am committed to helping you with your needs.

2) 1 John 3:17 – “But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?”

3) I am committed to helping you go to heaven.

4) “Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing” (1 Thess.5:11).

4. Communion is important because other people are important.

III. Deliberation of Forgiveness of Our Sins

1. We remember that Jesus died so we could be forgiven.

1) Matthew 26:28 – “This is the blood of the New Covenant . . . .”

2) Luke 24:47 – “and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.”

3) “Not with the blood of goats and calves, but with His own blood He entered the Most Holy Place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption” (Hebrews 9:12).

4) “By that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all” (Hebrews 10:10).

2. This forgiveness happens through our faith in Him.

1) Acts 10:43 – “To Him all the prophets witness that, through His name, whoever believes in Him will receive remission of sins.”

2) Acts 2:38 – “…baptized for the forgiveness of sins…”

3) The Lord’s Supper is not a sacrament!

3. We recognize that if we have been forgiven by the blood of Christ we must forgive others also.

1) “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses” (Matthew 6:14-15).

2) “Take heed to yourselves. If your brother sins against you, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him. And if he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times in a day returns to you, saying, ‘I repent,’ you shall forgive him” (Luke 17:3-4).

4. Communion is important because God believes we are important.


1. The Lord’s Supper/Communion is important because . . .

1) Christ is Important – Declaration of Faith

2) Christians Are Important – Demonstration of Fellowship

3) You Are Important – Deliberation of Forgiveness

2. Invitation