How Does Jesus Talk About Himself?

TITLE: How Does Jesus Talk About Himself


PROPOSITION: In this lesson, we will look at four statements Jesus makes about Himself and what they say about Jesus and His ministry.

OBJECTIVE: As those who are seeking to imitate Jesus, we should adopt these attitudes in our lives.


1. Read: Matthew 16:13

2. About the Text:

1) Jesus asks his disciples a question.

2) “Who do men say the Son of Man is?”

3) There were various answers the disciples offered.

4) Peter said, “You are the Christ.”

5) Jesus blessed Peter for this response.

6) It is upon this central truth that the church is built.

3. Jesus also made some statements about Himself.

4. We want to look at a few of those in this lesson.

5. Ref. to S, T, P, O, and A.

DISCUSSION: How does Jesus talk about Himself?

I.   The Son of Man Had Power to Forgiven Sins on Earth

1. Mark 2:1-12

1) This is a story of a paralyzed man who wanted to be healed.

2) Jesus told him his sins were forgiven.

3) The scribes accused Jesus of blasphemy.

4) Jesus proved he could forgive by healing this man.

2. Jesus was concerned about forgiveness.

1) He offered it here even when it wasn’t directly asked for.

2) In Matthew 18:22, Jesus told Peter to forgive 7×70.

3. We need to be a forgiving people.

1) Matthew 6:14-15

2) Colossians 3:12-14.

II.  The Son of Man Did Not Come to Be Served, but to Serve.

1. Matthew 10:35-45

1) Here, James and John want to sit on the right and left hands of Jesus.

2) The other ten disciples were angry because of this.

3) Jesus taught them that it isn’t the one who has power that is great.

4) The one who is great is the one who serves.

5) He ended this lesson by saying that He came to serve.

2. Jesus was a servant.

1) John 13:15

2) Philippians 2:5-8

3. We need to be servants of one another also.

1) Philippians 2:1-4

2) Galatians 5:13

III. The Son of Man Came to Seek and to Save the Lost

1. Luke 19:1-10

1) Jesus was going through Jericho.

2) A man named Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus.

3) Jesus went to his house, taught him, and he repented.

4) Some murmured because Jesus went into the house of a “sinner.”

5) Jesus ended the lesson by saying he came to seek and save the lost.

2. Jesus was an evangelist.

1) He went everywhere preaching the gospel of the kingdom (Matthew 9:35).

2) He taught his disciples to teach others (Matthew10-11).

3. We need to be evangelists for Jesus.

1) Matthew 28:18-20

2) Mark 16:15-16


1. How Did Jesus Talk About Himself?

1) He said He had power to forgiven sins on earth.

2) He said He came to serve, not to be served.

3) He said He came to seek and to save the lost.

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