Arrested for Preaching the Resurrection

In this lesson, we will study Acts 4. The apostles were arrested for preaching the resurrection. How did they handle this? We will note: 1) The Situation of the Arrest, 2) The Steadfastness of the Apostles, 3) The Sentence of the Sanhedrim, 4) The Supplication of the Saints. The hearer will be able to understand how the early church dealt with the problem of preaching the gospel in the face of opposition. We want to know how the early church handled problems so that we can imitate their faith.

Standing in Integrity Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSSUBJECT: Character TITLE: Integrity PROPOSITION: To show that standing in integrity involves 1) always doing what is right, 2) keeping your promises, 3) standing up for the truth, 4) always putting your faith in God. OBJECTIVE: Each should understand what integrity means. AIM: To teach others […]