Graduates Need to Know . . .

graduation cap and tasselSometimes it is hard to believe that our young men and women will soon graduate from High School and into adult life.  We ask:  Are they ready?  Will they be prepared?  Can they succeed?  What will their future be?  Who will be in their life?  Where will they go?  What will they do?  There are some things that our graduates should know.  Here are a few.

First, God loves you.  Sometimes it will feel like everyone in the world is against you.  Know that God is rooting for you.  He doesn’t necessarily want you to have the big salary, fancy car, and showcase house, but He is on your side.  He emptied the greatest treasures of heaven for you (Romans 8:32).

Second, you will be your own worst enemy.  Know that you cannot be defeated unless you allow it.  Fear comes from your own mind, and you are in control of your life.  God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but of love (2 Timothy 1:7).

Third, take responsibility for your actions whether good or bad.  Taking personally responsibility is hard because it means embracing your failures, but God forgives and so will your family and friends that love you (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).

Fourth, love yourself like God loves you.  Don’t be selfish, but do recognize your own worth and value.  Understand that you are worth taking care of yourself.  Clean up after yourself.  Practice proper hygiene.  Respect and obey the law (Romans 13:1-10).

Fifth, don’t let sin control you.  Stay away from hurtful passions: greed, gluttony, lust, laziness.  Recognize the root of these things: pride, envy, and anger.  This is a battle you will constantly fight.  Let God’s Spirit lead you, not the desires of the flesh (Romans 8:1).  God bless you, and I love you.