Go Visit Someone Today

There is a word that is chilling to our culture today; that word is “alienated.”  The word “alienate” means to cause to withdraw or isolate.  To be alienated is to be alone.  Loneliness is one of the greatest fears that we have.  It has driven some to insanity, and caused others to end their lives.  It is the father of despair and hopelessness.  What causes alienation?

Alienation is the result of failing to treat others with respect by acting upon our selfish desires (James 1:14-15).  Selfishness displays no true concern for others.  That lack of concern works in two ways.  First, others will observe it and seek to insulate themselves against it by not associating with us.  They will not want to be used as mere tools for our satisfaction.  Such reduces people to being objects instead of a persons.  Second, those showing no concern for others will also cease associating with anyone who is not interested in satisfying their selfish desires.  They mistakenly believe that it is the satisfaction of their desires that affirms their value as persons.  They assume that anyone who does not satisfy them shows no concern for them.  They will only see people who are treating them as objects instead of persons.

How important is it, then, 1) that we do not identify ourselves with our own desires, and 2) that we have enough respect for others to include them in our lives even when they behave selfishly?  The Bible teaches us true respect for others by letting us know that we are 1) persons created in God’s image (Gen.1:27), and 2) worth the life of God’s Son, Jesus (John 6:51).  When we identify with Him, we won’t identify with our desires (Galatians 2:20).  We will also submit ourselves to God to be used in unselfish service for others (Romans 6:17-19).  So, go visit someone today and affirm both your value and theirs.  God bless you, and I love you.