Our Fall Gospel Meeting is Here!

Our gospel meeting begins today! We are happy to have brother Marvin Weir with us for this event. He is a long-time gospel preacher in Northeast Texas, and I am sure that many of you know who he is. Marvin is a native Texan and married to Cathy (Holbert). They have one daughter (Amy) and one son, Adam. He is a graduate of East Texas State University; he has a Masters in Bible and Related Studies from ACU. He began preaching in 1966 and has held Gospel Meetings in several states and Scotland and spoke on numerous lectureships from 1984 to 2006. He has spoken on radio and TV programs and is an avid writer in the local bulletin and periodicals. He has preached for the Lord’s church in Rowlett, TX (1984-2005), Bonham St. in Paris, TX (2006-2011), Reno, TX (2011-2015) and is now back at Rowlett as of August of 2015.
The theme for this week of studies is: The Church at the Cross of Christ. He will be speaking on the following topics: “The Cross, The Church – God’s Eternal Purpose” (Eph. 3:10-11); “Worship And Observance Made Possible By The Cross” (John 4:24); “New Covenant A Reality Because Of The Cross” (Eph. 2:131-18); “One Cross – One Church” (Matt. 16:13-18); “Keys Of The Kingdom And Salvation Possible Only By The Cross” (Matt. 16:19); “Attend The Church Of Your Choice Denied By The Cross” (Eph. 1:22-23; 4:4).
These topics are very timely and helpful as we seek to engage our community with God’s truth about the Lord’s church. Please invite your friends, neighbors, relatives, and others who you know need to hear these truths. Also, let’s all attend every single service to encourage one another in faithfulness to the Lord.
God bless you, and I love you.
Kevin Cauley