Jesus is the Answer

Kevin CauleyDo you remember last year when the political campaigns were in full swing? (Maybe you don’t want to be reminded of that, and I would definitely understand if you didn’t. It’s not something that I like to dwell on either except when it provides fodder for bulletin articles.) There were so many things that were being said by both sides of the political establishment about both candidates. It seems there are many people who put their hopes into politics and what others can do for them! Sometimes, it feels as if people are saying the answer to our current problems is to elect my candidate to office, and then everything is going to be great! Of course, that’s not how it works.

It was after one particularly galling political loss, that many were decrying the direction of our country. It seemed like everyone was inflamed with the self-righteousness of their cause and the means to accomplish it. Upon some reflection, I simply wrote, “Jesus is the answer. He has always been the answer, and He will always be the answer.” I continue to affirm that today. What reminded me of this was a book that I recently read titled, “Till We Have Faces” by C.S. Lewis. It is a story about one woman’s accusation of injustice to God and the lack of God’s answering her. At the end of the story she says, “I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer. You are yourself the answer. Before your face questions die away. What other answer would suffice?” This is such a great statement. Jesus knows us like no other, and he loves us just the same. If we believe and trust in Him, He will save us from ourselves (Matthew 16:25).

God bless you, and I love you.

Kevin Cauley