A Very Special Bible Bowl

This year’s Bible Bowl competition has come to an end.  This past Monday evening, our kids loaded up in the van and drove down to the North Jefferson Church of Christ in Mount Pleasant, Texas to test their knowledge of the book of Philemon.  Once again, they demonstrated mastery of this book by scoring highest on this test.  One other congregation tied them, and so the blue ribbon went to two different congregations.  However, as this was the last Bible Bowl test of the season, the scores from all of the weeks were tallied and a placement was awarded for the entire year.  I am thrilled to announce that our team once again took first place for the whole year.  What really thrills me is to see all of our kids studying and memorizing the Bible for these tests.  The knowledge that they gain will help them both in the present and in coming years.

This was also a very special Bible Bowl because it was our privilege to publicly advocate for Peyton Richardson, the granddaughter of one of our members Janeice Richardson, by wearing the orange ribbon for leukemia awareness.  Peyton is a twelve-year-old girl who was diagnosed with leukemia several months ago.  She lives in the Houston, Texas area.  She is now undergoing chemotherapy in an effort to rid her body of this terrible disease.  The entire team of both children and adults who attended this past week’s Bible Bowl wore orange ribbons to promote awareness for leukemia, and specifically awareness for Peyton Richardson’s plight.  Please pray for Peyton, her family, and everyone who has leukemia.  Pray also for the doctors and nurses who are doing all they can to help eliminate this disease.  God bless you, and I love you.