The Destructive Consequences of Pride

In this lesson we will study 1 Corinthians 4 and learn that pride causes us to: 1) Be judges over God’s stewards, 2) Go beyond what is written, 3) Serve self instead of God, and 4) Not imitate the spiritual. The listener should learn that pride is a deadly enemy of God’s people and responsible for much division in the church. This lesson is designed to help us learn more about 1 Corinthians 4.

Recovering From Spiritual Narcissism – Part 3

The narcissist seeks to find validation in whatever will justify his lifestyle. He already has his mind made up as to how he is going to proceed through life, and he is going to proceed his way, the way that he thinks is the right way, and no one else is going to tell him […]

Recovering from Spiritual Narcissism – Part 1

What is narcissism? The word originates from Greek mythology in the story of Narcissus, a man who was cursed to be infatuated with himself. He wasted away his life staring at his own reflection. This caricature epitomizes the essential nature of the narcissist—self-absorption, egoism. Narcissism involves how the self selfishly processes its own experiences. Here’s […]

“It’s All About Me” Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSTITLE: “It’s All About Me!” SUBJECT: Pride PROPOSITION: It becomes all about me when I pursue 1) Selfish Preservation that leads to 2) Selfish Desires that leads to 3) Selfish Values that leads to 4) Selfish Identities. OBJECTIVE: We must all understand that pride creates false […]

The Other Prodigal Son Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSDate written: August 15th, 2004 SUBJECT: Evangelism TITLE: The Other Prodigal Son PROPOSITION: In this lesson we will take a look at the other prodigal son. 1) His knowledge, 2) His attitude, 3) His true possessions. OBJECTIVE: Each should understand from Luke 15:25-32 the attitude that […]