Essential Ingredients to Effective Evangelism

In this lesson, we will discuss the conversion of the three thousand in Acts chapter 2 and the essential ingredients to effective evangelism. This includes 1) The Presence of the Holy Spirit, 2) People of the Dispersion, 3) Prophets of the Old Testament, 4) Preachers of the Gospel, 5) Penitent of Heart, 6) Persistent in Faithfulness. The hearer should be familiar with the events in Acts 2 and the principles of evangelism as related to this conversion account. The aim of this lesson is to help the hearer understand more about the principles of evangelism taught in Acts 2.

“The Only Thing to Fear . . .”

Fear comes from 1) Lack of Knowledge, 2) Lack of Love, and 3) Lack of Faith. That we may be able to overcome our fears and live in love, peace, and fellowship with one another.

Jesus, the Loving Shepherd Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSDate written: August 28th, 2004 SUBJECT: Jesus TITLE: “Jesus, The Loving Shepherd” PROPOSITION: Jesus is the loving Shepherd because 1) He supplies all of our needs (providence), 2) He defends us from harm (protection), 3) He lays down his life for us (preservation). OBJECTIVE: Each hearer […]