The Bible’s Teaching about Complaints

The Bible speaks of complaints that are unwarranted, but also of complaints that are warranted or righteous. We will look at these two areas and then examine some of the results of both warranted and unwarranted complaints. Each should understand the difference between righteous and unrighteous complaints and their results. This lesson is designed to help us understand how to handle complaints and the proper role of repentance in complaints.

God’s Word Helps Me to Endure Persecution

In this part of Psalm 119, we will see that God’s word helps me to endure persecution. God 1) hears my request for relief, 2) sees the relentlessness of the wicked, and 3) provides respite when I yield to His word. Each listener should take comfort in knowing that God hears, sees, and provides when His people are persecuted.

Arrested for Preaching the Resurrection

In this lesson, we will study Acts 4. The apostles were arrested for preaching the resurrection. How did they handle this? We will note: 1) The Situation of the Arrest, 2) The Steadfastness of the Apostles, 3) The Sentence of the Sanhedrim, 4) The Supplication of the Saints. The hearer will be able to understand how the early church dealt with the problem of preaching the gospel in the face of opposition. We want to know how the early church handled problems so that we can imitate their faith.

Seven Churches of Asia – Philadelphia

To the church of Philadelphia we have a message of 1) Opportunity, 2) Conquering, 3) Help in the time of need, and 4) Steadfastness. We should all be familiar with this letter and gain great encouragement from knowing that God continues to instruct and warn even when we are faithful.

Blessed Are the Persecuted Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSTITLE: Blessed Are the Persecuted SUBJECT: Beatitudes PROPOSITION: One can be happy when one is persecuted because of 1) the Christian’s Relationship with God, 2) the Reality of Truth, 3) the Recompense of the wicked, 4) the Reward of the Righteous. OBJECTIVE: The Christian ought to […]

Walking with Christ Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSDate written: 10 November 2015 SUBJECT: Christian Living TITLE: Walking with Christ PROPOSITION: In this lesson we will study 1 Peter 2:18-25 as the basis for walking with Christ. Peter gives 1) a context in which we walk with Christ, 2) the crux of walking with […]