Christian Graces – Brotherly Kindness

A Christian who displays brotherly kindness is going to be 1) Gracious and Giving, 2) Challenging and Truthful, and 3) Affectionate and Loving. The hearer should understand what it means to love someone as a brother or sister in Christ by displaying the characteristics of brotherly kindness. The aim of this lesson is to familiarize the hearer with scriptures that discuss these qualities.

What Does It Mean to Quench the Spirit?

When you quench a fire, you put out the fire. When you quench your thirst, your thirst goes away. The word “spirit” here could refer to the Holy Spirit, or one’s own personal spirit. Either way, spirit is the source of all things spiritual. So the basic meaning of the command is not to put out the source of all things spiritual.

Delete the “Trash”

I have a program on my computer that does good work. I like it a lot, and it is helpful. However, this program also leaves behind some trash on my hard drive in the form of temporary files. Every so often, I must delete these temporary files so that they do not completely fill up […]

Christian Graces – Godliness

When we have a right attitude toward God, we will 1) Fear God, 2) Worship God, 3) Love God. The hearer should have a fundamental idea of what it means to be godly: have a right attitude toward God.

Enrobed in Thankfulness Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS TITLE: Enrobed in Thankfulness SUBJECT: Thanksgiving PROPOSITION: The Christian can be enrobed in thankfulness by 1) engaging in prayer 2) elevating his mind 3) exemplifying kindness. OBJECTIVE: That each would examine and consider the time they devote to being thankful. AIM: To aid each mind […]

In Praise of the Mother’s Maker Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSDate written: May 11th, 2002 SUBJECT: Mother’s Day TITLE: In Praise of the Mother’s Maker PROPOSITION: We praise the Maker of our mothers because He made our mothers to be 1) Kind, 2) Compassionate, and 3) Caring. OBJECTIVE: Each listener should be able to understand why […]