He Ate with Publicans and Sinners (Part 3)

We ought not to criticize those who are trying to do such. Such displays a true Pharisaical attitude toward preaching the gospel to the lost.

When is the Kingdom not the Church?

So usually when we read about the kingdom in the New Testament, it has reference to the church and vice versa. However, there are a couple of passages where the term kingdom doesn’t refer to the church, but to heaven.

An Overview of God’s Home

NOTE: This sermon was preached in multiple parts.  There are several audio files below to accompany the same outline. Part 1 Part 2 July 20th, 2004 SUBJECT: Home TITLE: An Overview of God’s Home PROPOSITION: To look at the origin, design, responsibilities, and functions of the home as God made it. OBJECTIVE: Each hearer should be […]