The Nature of Biblical Edification (Part 2)

For something to edify, it must have meaning. Not in the sense of emotion or feeling, but in the sense of the understanding. That is, if something is not intelligible or comprehensible by the intellect, then it cannot edify. True edification can only come through a situation where knowledge and instruction are imparted with the attitude of love.

First Corinthians Chapter One

In this lesson we will look at the three main points of First Corinthians chapter 1: 1) Acknowledgement of Good, 2) Appeal for Unity, and 3) Authority for Action. The hearer should understand that Christ and Him crucified is the standard upon which unity and good works originate today.

Wrapping Up Summer

We have had some wonderful youth activities this summer, and there are a few more events left to attend.  Next Monday evening, the Oak Grove Church of Christ, located just Northeast of Mt. Pleasant, is having a gospel meeting.  In conjunction with this event, the Summer Youth Series is being held at this congregation.  I […]