First Corinthians Chapter One

In this lesson we will look at the three main points of First Corinthians chapter 1: 1) Acknowledgement of Good, 2) Appeal for Unity, and 3) Authority for Action. The hearer should understand that Christ and Him crucified is the standard upon which unity and good works originate today.

Jesus’ Way is the Best

Not too long ago, I saw on Facebook an article about an almost pristine Caddo canoe that was discovered in Louisiana. Archeologists were examining it, but it looked to be authentic. Such discoveries thrill us because they give us some insight into the history of our area and how native people’s lived hundreds of years […]

Seven Churches of Asia – Philadelphia

To the church of Philadelphia we have a message of 1) Opportunity, 2) Conquering, 3) Help in the time of need, and 4) Steadfastness. We should all be familiar with this letter and gain great encouragement from knowing that God continues to instruct and warn even when we are faithful.

Envy – The Green-Eyed Monster

In this lesson we will study the topic of envy through the story of Israel’s desiring a king and Saul’s envy of David. Each person should understand how envy progresses: It begins with comparisons, distorts reality, and destroys its victims. I hope to impress upon each listener the truly diabolical nature of envy.

Don’t Take Credit for God’s Gifts

we can sometimes forget that God is the One from whom all blessings flow, and we can begin to think that we have earned these blessings through our own righteousness.

New Every Morning Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSTITLE: “New Every Morning” SUBJECT: Renewal PROPOSITION: God’s mercies are new every morning because 1) God is present, 2) God’s blessings continue, 3) The Old Things are passed away, and 4) God’s promises are sure. OBJECTIVE: That we can wake up each morning knowing that the […]

Blessed is the Father Who Fears the Lord Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSSUBJECT: Fatherhood, Father’s Day TITLE: Blessed is the Father Who Fears the Lord PROPOSITION: The father who fears the Lord will be blessed by the Lord because 1) He makes God the center of his household, 2) He considers children a reward, 3) He walks in […]