Category: Sermon Outlines

Sermon outlines and audio sermons by Kevin Cauley preached at the New Boston Church of Christ.

  • Building

    What is the Church of Christ?

    In this lesson, we will answer the question, What is the Church? We must understand God’s original design in the creation. When we understand this, we will understand what the church is in relationship to God’s great plan to restore unity between God and man, and between man and man that each member understand God’s desire for unity in the church as the restoration of His purposes in creation.

  • friend

    Good Men Who Opposed God

    In this lesson we will look at the lives of some good men who opposed God and draw lessons to understand that while we may oppose God, that God is willing to work with us to bring us around to His point of view and that each would be encouraged knowing that God is continuing to work with us to be His people.

  • The Work of the King

    The Work of the King is to 1) Perform Spiritual Circumcision, 2) Give Life to the Dead, 3) Conquer the Enemy. Each person may know how the King does His work in us. Each person may understand that the King has a work to do, and He does it.

  • judging

    Judging Our Integrity – Psalm 26

    We must conduct self examination to be faithful to the Lord. How do we judge our integrity? 1) The Standard is the Lord, 2) The Service is Worship, 3) The State is Sanctification. Each person should conduct self evaluation according to the pattern set forth in Psalm 26.

  • Salvation and Noah

    Noah's salvation mirrors our own salvation today in that Noah was saved 1) By Grace, 2) By Faith, 3) By Obedience, 4) From Destruction. Each person should be able to explain how Noah was saved. All should understand that God worked in the days of Noah just as he does today. God's principles are the save though his methods are different.

  • The Treasure of the King

    The Treasure of the King is 1) Wisdom and Knowledge, 2) Christ Jesus the Lord, 3) Nothing the World Has to Offer. Each person may understand that Jesus is the true treasure that we all need. To help the listener understand that we do not need anything outside of Christ.

  • green field rising moon under a starry sky

    Holy Holy Holy

    This lesson reflects on the lyrics to Holy Holy Holy and specifically that 1) God is Almighty, 2) The Creature is Made to Praise the Creator, 3) There is None that Compares to God, and 4) All of God’s Works Praise Him. To learn the lyrics of the song and reflect on their scriptural basis.

  • I Like to Go Hiking

    How do you prevent getting lost?  Whether hiking, travelling, in one’s marriage, school, or in any affairs of life wherein you can become “lost,” there are five very simple rules that you can observe.

  • The King’s Mission

    The mission of the King was to restore His kingdom by providing 1) Real Reconciliation, 2) Sustaining Sanctification, and 3) Eternal Expectations. Each person should understand that Jesus has accomplished His mission. Christ is King because He did what no other could do to provide for man’s salvation.

  • Getting Ready to Evangelize

    To set forth three prerequisites that all Christians should understand before beginning to evangelize namely we must 1) Recognize that there are souls that are lost, 2) Be willing to make a lasting commitment and 3) Truly believe that the gospel is the "good news."